My name is Timo Virtala, I am a 39 year old sociologist, an educator, a writer, and the General Secretary of the Loviisa Peace Forum. I’m running for the parlament from Uusimaa district.

The main themes of my campaign are environmental protection and global justice. Climate change, loss of biodiversity, malnutrition, and wars are not laws of nature, but are consequences of political decisions made by people. Promoting global justice and combating climate change should be the center of the Finnish Parlianment’s political agenda.

I would promote a currency transaction tax, an international arms trade tax, a more liberal immigration policy, the increase of development cooperation funds to 0.7 per cent per gdp, and stronger ecotaxes.

My native language is Finnish, I studied in Swedish and I speak English at home. I have written a book about Sarajevo and a play on the life of Arndt Pekurinen and I have a weekly radio program called Stories of Courage.

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